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What you need to know when getting started

At first, everything may seem too loud. This is normal and has nothing to do with the volume being set too high. The best approach is to wear your hearing aids for as long as possible during the first few days in the quiet of your home, and avoid noisy situations until your brain has had time to adjust.

Keep things simple at first

If you have program buttons and volume controls, wait until you are more experienced before experimenting with them. Rely on the fully automatic hearing aid to keep things comfortable.

A little later

When you feel ready to try out the various listening programs, you will get even more out of wearing your hearing aids.

Good tips for a gentle start:

Things that might surprise you

Knowing what to expect is the first step to being happy with your hearing aids. The more severe your hearing loss is, the more likely you are to be overwhelmed by all the new sounds, and their apparent volume. But the more open and natural-sounding your hearing aid is – for example a RITE (Receiver in-the-Ear) style with an open connection to the ear – the easier you will find the adaptation process.

Be prepared for new experiences

Things might sound strange at first, but with time you will get used to your new way of hearing.  Here are some examples of what to expect:  Your alarm clock, doorbell or phone ringing might make you jump the first time you hear them.  Flushing your toilet might sound like Niagara Falls!  Hearing yourself chewing will sound strange at first.  Your refrigerator will hum more loudly!  he crinkle of newspaper pages being turned will sound sharper.  Your car will sound different now that you can hear the engine clearly.  Traffic noise will sound louder.

Sounds you might enjoy rediscovering

Birds singing. The echo of your own footsteps. Children laughing. The sound of stringed instruments.  Rustling of leaves on trees.  Rain against your window.