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Learning to hear again

Hearing aids can make a very positive difference to your life. However, they are not like glasses, which restore your vision the moment you put them on.  Initially, certain sounds might seem rather loud – even strange.  This is because the brain forgets what it was like to be able to hear those sounds, and it has to learn how to process them again.  You will hear voices and sounds that you may not have heard for a long time. First, your brain has to identify these sounds. Then it has to relearn to focus on the ones that are important and filter out the rest. As you regain the ability to master this task, you will discover that the more you use your hearing aids, the less you will want to be without them!

Train your brain

Because the brain registers so many new sounds, the initial adjustment period can be quite tiring. It is a bit like training a muscle that has not been used for a long time. What a difference it makes when you regain that lost strength!  After wearing your hearing aids for a couple of weeks, you may need an appointment with your hearing care professional for adjustments.  Once these have been made you will be able to practise much more and get the very best out of them on a daily basis.

Did you know that advanced hearing aids will automatically reduce some types of background noise, but this can also remove some of the speech you want to hear. The best approach is to listen closely to what people are saying and learn to focus on speech, not noise. Turning the volume right up is not the best solution, because this amplifies background noise too.