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Are you missing out in conversations?

If so, you may have a hearing loss – one in two adults over the age of 50 experience it. This information comes as a surprise to most people who have lived with their hearing loss for years, hoping to keep it to themselves.  Having a hearing loss does not mean that you have lost your hearing, and it will not prevent you from enjoying life. However, you may need to do something about it if you want to continue living the life you want.  Like rust on your car, hearing loss is often an unavoidable and natural part of life. And, like rust on your car, it is only a problem if you don’t do anything about it. As hearing technology evolves to meet the needs that modern lifestyles demand, more and more people are again enjoying the social lives they’d begun to shy away from.  Today’s hearing aids bear no resemblance to those of yesterday.  They’re petite, discreet, lightweight and reliable. Which means that hardly anyone will notice you’re wearing them – and neither will you! We know from experience that a decrease in hearing levels can happen for many different reasons. This could be anything from exposure to excessive noise; to a chronic ear infection or something as simple as wax.

Just take a moment to read through the situations below. You might recognise yourself in some of them.  But that’s OK. As you know, hearing loss is a completely natural part of modern life:

When you book an appointment with one of our trusted hearing care professionals, you will have the chance to find out more about your hearing and how we can help you to improve it if you need to.

Did you know that more than one in two adults over the age of 50 could benefit from wearing a hearing device?

When you visit us, you will be in the caring hands of our trained hearing care professionals who will be ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  The hearing care professional will complete a hearing evaluation for you. This does not take long and it is completely pain free. Within one hour, you will have the findings of your test and an overview of the options available to you.