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People often ask me why I became an Audiologist, and the answer is simple:  Every day I get to help people suffering from a hearing loss to hear better and experience a better quality of life.  There is a moment in the treatment process, after the hearing test has been performed and the hearing aid configured and fitted, when I switch on the hearing aid for the first time.  For some people this moment is the first time in a long time that they can recall hearing properly.  The look in a persons face when they realise that they can hear properly is extremely rewarding.  As one patient simply stated:  “I can hear you” - before breaking out into tears with the realisation that her life had just changed for the better.

The point here is that no amount of research, talking, counselling or marketing can make you experience the feeling of being able to hear properly - it is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood.  Some people simply forget what it is like to be able to hear properly.  The question that most people ask me is:  “Will this hearing aid work”, or “Will this hearing aid work for me?.  The second most frequently asked question is “Do I really need hearing aids”?

I can test your hearing and identify a hearing loss, and I can recommend a hearing aid which will improve your hearing to a certain level - but ultimately a hearing loss is not about a line on a graph; it is about a condition which impacts you as a person.  It is also reasonable to therefore assume that YOU are the only person who can ultimately answer the question as to whether a hearing aid will work for you or whether you need one or not.

Introducing our Trial Hearing Aid program

We are confident that hearing aids can restore your hearing and our policy is to only fit hearing aids where necessary (based on the results of a hearing test), and where the hearing aid will improve a persons hearing and quality of life.  To this end we offer a range of “Demo”, or trial hearing aids, which we fit so that you may experience first hand the benefits of a hearing aid.  Certain people may be reluctant to spend money if they have doubt as the benefits of a hearing aid - we know that the benefits of a hearing aid are significant and want you to experience this for yourself.  Trial hearing aids are available from leading companies including Oticon, Widex, Unitron, Starkey and Phonak.

How it works

The process for having a trial hearing aid fitted is as follows:

What is not included

We are, by law, prohibited from offering free hearing tests to promote the sale of hearing aids, so patients requesting a trial will have to pay for the hearing test consultation.  There is also a charge for the consultation required to fit the hearing aid which the patient will have to pay for (or claim from medical aid) if they actually purchase the hearing aid.  No additional costs for the hearing aid will be charged i.e. rental fees.

What to bring

All we request is that you bring a copy of your ID for security reasons.

How long can I keep the unit?

There is a period of adjustment which is necessary for any person trying a hearing aid for the first time.  Your brain has to “relearn” how to process new sounds that you could previously not hear, such as wind blowing, traffic and other background noise.  It may also be necessary to modify the hearing aid settings after fitting the device depending on how you respond to the hearing aid.  For this reason we recommend that you test the hearing aid for two weeks.  Generally, due to demand on the demo units, we limit trials to one month, but arrangements can be made if you feel it necessary to test for a longer period.

How does a Demo unit differ from the unit we pay for?

There is no difference - the Demo unit offers the exact same functionality and performance as the unit which you buy.

Trial Hearing Aids