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Did you know that it takes less than an hour to get an accurate evaluation of your hearing?  And that the process is completely painless?  We always recommend that you bring a relative or a good friend.  After the test, you will also find that it is nice to be able to discuss the results with someone else who was actually there with you.

Help us understand you better

Please answer these questions before your visit:

1. How socially active would you describe yourself as being?

 Calm  Moderate  Active  Very active

2. Which hearing difficulties do you experience?

3. Do you find it difficult to participate in conversations at social gatherings?

 Never  Sometimes  Always


4. Do you have difficulty listening to the TV or does someone complaint that the volume is too loud?

 Never  Sometimes  Always  I do not watch television


5. Do you experience difficulty following a conversation

on a telephone?

 Never  Sometimes  Always  I do not use the telephone


6. How do these experiences affect you?

7. What are your main concerns regarding your hearing?

 Maybe there isn´t anything that can be done about my hearing loss

 I can’t find a hearing solution that I can afford

 People will think I look old or handicapped if I have to wear hearing aids

 Other:

8. Please write down any questions you have regarding

your hearing difficulty?


Please bring the questionnaire to your appointment.

It is a valuable starting point for our dialogue.